Dear Scientists,

prior to submission of an application for funding to an external third-party funder we ask you to fill out the following questionnaire. You facilitate early registration at the financial department and verify that the overhead support provided with the grant (also called Programm- or Projektpauschale) is sufficient to cover the associated administrative costs for the faculty. Please be aware that if it turns out that no or insufficient (<20%) overheads are provided with your grant the faculty will have to approve the submission.

We thank you very much for your support!

Please note if you have JavaScript disabled: If you have disabled the execution of JavaScript in your browser, the dynamic hiding of follow-up questions may not work properly. You can still fill out the questionnaire in this case, however, some questions may appear irrelevant and do not need to be answered.

1. Executing body

Please select your institution. Enter at least three characters in the selection field.

Please enter the name of your institution if it cannot be found via the selection menu above. If known, please also indicate the associated institute code number (IKZ).

Please note that this query is currently only created on the level of sections (professorships) or institutions with their own institute code number. If you belong to a smaller work unit, please select the appropriate next larger section or institution.

2. Principal Investigator

Please provide the following information on the scientific lead o the project.

3. Contact person for administrative questions (if available / differing from scientific lead)

Please provide the following data on the contact person in administrative matters, if different from the scientific management.

4. Project details (preliminary)

5. Does the grant / compensation cover all costs incurred? (Overhead funds to cover additional costs are not to be considered here).


6. If the proposal is approved, will overhead costs be covered by the funding agency?

For your information: Due to high faculty costs, third-party funding applications can currently only be supported across-the-board if overhead funds amounting to at least 20% of the grant amount are provided by the funding body. In other cases, a decision must be made on a case-by-case basis or the applicant must provide a binding assurance that additional costs up to an amount of 20% can be borne from other funds of the institution if the third-party project is approved.

The dean's office has agreed that the overhead will be divided as follows: 80% faculty and 20% acquiring clinic or acquiring institute. This means that if you are granted 20% overhead, you must submit 16% of the project costs as overhead (which is 80% of this 20%).

Therefore, please provide the following information conscientiously and as complete as possible and finalize the form even if sufficient overhead is not granted (or this is currently unknown).

You have indicated that the funding agency is providing overhead funds. Please indicate the amount of funds awarded.


You have indicated that the funding agency will not provide overhead funds. Can the additional costs incurred if the project is approved be covered by other funds?

7. Will the requested funds be awarded by the funding agency through a peer review process?

8. Is the project to be carried out in collaboration with other institutions within UKA or with other external institutions? (Please tick all that apply)

9. Does the project proposal arise from faculty-internal start-up funding?

Please indicate the type and grant number (or name of person funded) of the underlying start-up funding.

10. To which research focus of the faculity does the project belong?

Please select the appropriate faculty research focus. If the project cannot be clearly assigned to any of the faculty research foci, you may indicate that the research focus matches that of the overall institution or that it does not match any of the research foci.

11. Does your proposal address any of the following research topics?

Please tick all applicable areas. A selection of several areas is possible.